Trident, the laser that produces a hot plasma of the Sun

A u.s. laboratory has created Trident, a laser from 200 trillion watts can generate a plasma heat greater than that of the Sun.

Technological progress does not know no rest. Scientists are able to reproduce any kind of natural phenomenon with their experiments in the laboratory. really revolutionary idea is represented by the creation of the Trident laser, which possesses some unique and intriguing features.

Created in LANL stands for Los Alamos National Laboratory, Trident is there production of a laser from 200 trillion watts. It forms a white Prism, the shape similar to that of a small star. But its main feature is the temperature of this light, which could even surpass that of the Sun.

The infrared light of Trident rises from bottom and interacts with a film thickness of a micrometer. The laser pulse creates an ionized gas, called plasma, emitting heat a thousand times higher than that of the solar core. This invaluable burst of heat occurs for only a trillionth of a second. Infinitesimal in time, some electrons are accelerated from the film until you reach the speed of light, with various energy ions of tens of millions of volts.

In that moment, Trident allows the vision of several thousand colors, plasmas generated by collisions of x-rays and similar surface particles. The level of plasmaluminosity is measured using some diagnostic devices close together. Starting from the film, you can see some fragments of debris in the form of Orange streaks of light. In this way, it is produced an impressive colorful dance of lights, similar to a sequence of braids that you shift in flight.

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