The smartphone with ocular recognition in Japan is really

The smartphone with ocular recognition in Japan is really

The new era of smartphones that you unlock the eyecup is already a reality inJapan, Fujitsu model Arrow NX F-04G.

Unlock your smartphone soon will be a matter of sight; in Japan it was announced the first mobile device that can be activated through the ocular recognition; in fact, it takes a few moments, a deadpan gaze and the device will be able to recognize its owner through his eyes and turn off the safety locks.

Will in fact be closer than 50 cm distance between us and the smartphone and in about 150 milliseconds the iris scanner will be able to verify the authenticity of the owner.

The new device was developed by Fujitsu, is called Arrow NX F-04G and will be released only in Japan by the telephone operator NTT DoComo, which seems to have all rights for distribution-

Fujitsu F-NX 04G Arrow through the iris scanner in addition to unlock the device will allow the user to perform other tasks such as are pure mobile purchases directly using your smartphone; How to pay with Iris recognition is safe because already uses security protocols that respect the standards of international FIDO(Fast Online Identity) 1.0 UAF, the same standard of security that is used for example by PayPal, Microsoft, Google, Samsung etc.

Smartphone Fujitsu Arrow: some more details

Fujitsu Arrow NX F-04G is not only a device that can boast the iris scanner(which alone has a market value that is around 300 us dollars) while the device will cost about 450 contract dollars; the rest of the pieces of hardware arequality, given the presence of a 5.2-inch display diagonal and resolution 2560 x1440 pixels QHD, Octa-Core processor operating at maximum frequency of 2 GHz, 3 GB of ram and 32 GB of internal memory, all features from top of the linequality.

Even the high-profile multimedia thanks to the camera back by ben 21.5megapixel with autofocus and led flash and a 2.1 megapixel front camera can also be used to take pictures selfie.

Fujitus Arrow NX F-04G uses Android operating system which has been perfectly adapted thanks to Iris recognition software.

This innovation could be transplanted soon on other mobile devices from major manufacturers, such as Samsung; the passage of the unlocking the scanner for fingerprints to those of the IRIS may be a question of a few months and already be used in future top-of-the-line smartphones by the end of the year 2016, vistaor allowing!

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