The photons of IBM to have internet at 100Gbps

The photons of IBM to have internet at 100Gbps

IBM has been working for some time on an internet Photonics that allowsdownloading a movie in HD in just 2 seconds.

IBM is working on what may the largest revolution and even more waitingaffecting internet and all with a web connection that arrives at 100Gbps throughphotons over optical fiber.

IBM is the company that holds the largest number of patented technologies in one year and they are working on for some time in its laboratories could revolutionize the concept of internet, its speed and the cost to which we are accustomed by lightening the congestion and possible collapse that we are going to encounter.

IBM engineers are working on the photon silicon, a new system that uses light (photons) to transmit large data at high speed, this is possible with optical components and electrical circuits on a single chip of Silicon. To adopt this technology to optical fiber and copper pipes present classics in our country andseen how fast optical fiber increases in Italy will have to wait years from his arrival in the market before you can take advantage.

To understand how to increase the speed with the new Photonics technologyIBM researchers have shown that a computer chip is able to transmit and receivesimultaneously four different colors of infrared light over a single optical fiberline  a technology called multiplexing. Each link can transmit 25 Gb (gigabit) of data per second, for a total of 100 Gbps. This is sufficient to transfer the full resolution movie on a Blu-ray disc at a speed of 25 GB (gigabytes) every 2seconds.

The adoption of this technology helps reduce the network to save money and to offer new features to users. In practice only benefits primarily for large companies like Google, Facebook or Microsoft who can move huge data so fast and cheap with a consequent advantage for customers who use these services.

The use of Photonic Silicon does not stop only to internet, but it could, andyou're already experiencing, also in our PC, bringing the clock speed of 4 GHz.Processor Speed reached currently in the lab and that is almost certainlydestined to grow even with refinement of the technique and the production ofthis type of chip. IBM, known as Big Blue, is, as always, forward-looking.

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