Internet of things: increasingly controlled by Google, Apple and Samsung

Internet of things: increasingly controlled by Google, Apple and Samsung

Internet of things a way to control or be controlled?

Internet of things, a name perhaps less appealing to Internet of Things but the meaning is always the same as the control of everything around us through smartphones and tablet.

Tipsy and Homekit are the names of the operating systems being developed and targeted to the Internet of things of two rivals Google and Apple, but are certainly not the only ones. Samsung at CES in Las Vegas earlier this year showed us how the IoT there will change life in a day "typewhere any person can identify and showed us how every bolt, every single screw and every single instrument in the House can be linked/connected through IoT and then to us viaa smartphone and a dedicated application.

Probably Tipsy we will know more during the Google i/o that will open in a few days in San Francisco where he expects the presentation of the new Android OSm. then Google wants to get their hands on the IoT and do not miss the train of what is yet to be created and on which every multinational will put their hands.

Internet of things is coming and is knocking very loud to enter into our lives, but how much affect on our lives? Perhaps more than you might imagine. Social networks and the internet have created a world with almost no privacy and the IoT will also delete that last glimmer remains.

Of course know in real time if a tube breaks in the cellar is very useful not to become flooded and then solve the time problem, getting the car in front of the door at the exact moment when we leave to go to work is very convenient especially when we are in delay or even change channels of SmartTV vocally is something that we project ourselves into a future sci-fi series but at what cost?

Our lives are totally controlled by the hi-tech multinationals though apparently we'll have control over everything, again apparently because everything will be recorded, each picture stored and each operation designed to give what we seek before you really need.

Maybe I have a vision too catastrophic, what do you think?

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