Google and Apple: no delivery of encrypted data to authorities

Google and Apple: no delivery of encrypted data to authorities

The giants of technology, including Apple and Google, aim to preserve the lastbastion of online security: Encrypting data

The clash on the safety and the privacy of users is only at the beginning. Under the guise of national security are committed many violations of privacy, as evidenced by the recent scandals involving the NSA.

Now the giants of technology have deployed in a compact, including Google and Apple, to show your dissent regarding the delivery of telephone dataprotected by the authorities.

The Washington Post has learned of the Coalition ready to raise the White House on the delicate security discourse and protect data protected by encryption.

Referring to a letter signed by all the major drivers of the tech world that explains to the recipient, President Barack Obama, how important it is top reserve the privacy of encrypted data, saving the last bastion of safety.

For the FBI, would be absolutely just encrypt the data to increase the privacy but,at the same time, they would like a backdoor allowing the release of cryptography, where serious dangers to national security should occur. This solution is not immune from further dangers: a backdoor could easily end up in the hands of not good, for example, a hacker could exploit it for its comfy or sell it to the sound of billions to adverse foreign Governments.

Many lawmakers are already bouncing the demands of American law enforcement, going so far as to define them technically stupid. The signatories of the letter, to be delivered Tuesday, invite the President of the United States of America to not feed inapplicable requests that could generate dangerous vulnerability, urging him instead to ensure a safer digital ecosystem for all mankind.

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