Expo 2015: stolen bionic hand of Sant'Anna

Expo 2015: stolen bionic hand created by the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna di Pisa,a stunt or industrial espionage?

To Expo 2015 was stolen the bionic hand created by the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna di Pisa on display at Italy Pavilion along with other technological excellences of the Bel Paese.

Among other controversies have accompanied the preparation and then the start of Expo 2015 things have seemed to soothe body and instead we must always make us recognize and then could not miss the theft by one of the pavilions of the fair. For "luck" this is the Italy Pavilion where during the visits of school children on Friday, at the moment this is the most accepted hypothesis,My Hand has disappeared the bionic hand weighing about half a kilo.

Among the excellences of the Tuscany region where he stood in the dashboard and in plain view the artificial limb, there are other products of our minds of Italian technicians and engineers as Octopus robot that attracted mostly school children. The hand that value is around 30 thousand euros has a much more significant scientific value of money, among other things is ensured, whereby someone thought to a possible theft linked to industrial espionage, butthe police which was made complaint are passing through a sieve the register of attendance, visitors are invited to sign up to find the culprit.

My HAND was quickly replaced by an identical, the hand that should completely replace the limb to those who have suffered an amputation is a technological excellence for the studies, but a hope for those who had to suffer the mutilation of the limb. Someone called it a stunt because the boys were to commit (if theinvestigations prove), in reality it is a steal in all respects, but it is known to "theft and threats" in Italy we do not give a lot of weight.

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