What you need to do to make money online.

make money online, earn online
make money online.

Internet offers an unimaginable range of opportunities, and one of them is to earn a good amount of money even from scratch. Everything depends on what you know to do and exploit it, always remember that wit is highly valued in this medium or rather at all.

Always remember to educate yourself is the first step to a better life, if you will capacitas skills or activities you did not know before, have one more chance to develop yourself. The following items indicate some things you should start doing to make money online, but again remember you, effortless and no work, no income. The idea of ​​making money doing nothing is out of reality, always requires doing your part.

Since entering topic, we all have something we are good and are our weapons in the digital world, someone is going to need our skills, which seem simpler for us, others not. so these are some ways to get to achieve this goal: 

1. You just need to know how to write.
Only in the WordPress platform is written about half a million articles a day, and someone has to write all these contents, be encouraged to be freelance copywriter to make money.

2. You know convince people?
If your answer is yes, you will find different online marketing platforms, where you can sell products through free pages.

3. Learn how to use social media correctly.
Do not count your life and start sharing content on social networks that will generate money as well as commercial sharing links to product sales and service use as Adf.ly

4. You can make money listening to music.
If you know English, websites like Slice the Pie you will pay money for music and opines about it.

5. Your hobbies can be a source of income.
If you're good at something, take advantage. Sell ​​advice or teaches, but take advantage of what you enjoy doing.

6. Convey your knowledge.
Platforms like Udemy allow you to be a teacher for free. Get students interested and they will pay for you to teach them.

7. Can you earn money only with a computer and email?
It will not give you a great salary, but respond to surveys that will not take more than 10 minutes can mean a few coins to your whims.

8. Write your own eBooks.
If you enjoy writing, Amazon and other websites allow you to enter a growing market as eBooks, publishing yours in a few minutes.

All these ways to make money just need time and dedication to get to become your source of income.

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