Hacker enter the full Android Browser be safe

full Android Browser

Recently hackers exploiting the bug of WebView, entered the full Android browser, through which information can be stolen as cache, data, etc.

But how can we prevent it? 

full Android Browser

Start by saying that install un'antivirus is completely useless ...
Then how to do?
The only way is to disable the browser for the user, but this only on Android Jelly Bean, suffers from many bugs from Andrid KitKat (4.4) on the other hand there is this problem, then you can use it without problems.
What you have to do ??
Go into settings, go down to System and click "About phone / Telephone".
Check the version of Android that you have on the device and ...

full Android Browser

if you have a smaller version of Android 4.3 (Android JellyBean) then outputs, go to App / Task Manager, go to ALL and look for the browser.
Just found click on it and turn it off, but this only temporarily until Google will not have solved the problem.

full Android Browser

For the time being remain so until Google will not have solved the problem, check if you receive of the 'UPDATES "on the settings, or check even if the Play Store is something out ......
For the moment is all..

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