HTC brings Include me on the camera of One M8

HTC One M8

With the arrival of the Taiwanese company HTC Desire Eye Eye Experience has also released a software update for the camera of the smartphone that includes several modes, including Auto Selfie, Instant Retouching, Photo sequentially and many more. The update has not been slow to arrive on the current top of the range, the One M8, but how many people have noticed there was the presence of the function Include me in English Crop-Me-In.

That was until a few hours ago when HTC has updated the camera application including just this mode, which allows you to take two pictures simultaneously, using a front lens and a rear using instead. So doing Selfie product can be edited and combined with the click made by the main camera.

The Taiwanese manufacturer had promised that the update would be released to coincide with the official Android 5.0 rollout Lollipop and so it was. If you are interested in downloading the latest version of HTC camera that incorporates the function Include me you can use the badge below that will take you automatically to the Play Store:

Download from here: Fotocamera HTC App


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